What are to be continued memes? The history and origin of the JoJo's Bizarre adventure meme


What are to be continued memes? Where did they come from? Today we talk about the jojo’s bizarre adventure/roundabout meme and explain its origin and history.

today we learn about The to be continued meme, which originated from the popular anime “Jo Jo’s bizarre adventure” in which they would often use the to be continued text and “roundabout” song by rock band “Yes” during the ending of each episode. This spawned it’s use online in jokes where people would do a similar thing and leave the viewer with eagerness to see what happened next to much comedic effect. It has recently spread to vine and other websites where people enjoy creating and watching them.


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  1. i just saw the first episode of Jojo's bizzare adventure and its fucking hard to believe this meme is from that.

  2. Tell me where Walter the bull terrier comes from? I already saw a video with him, but I’d you to show where he came from too.


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