Sasuke Used Kirin On Kurama



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  1. Saskue' kirin in Naruto: Second most powerful lightning jitsu after Indra's aaron

    Saskue's kirin in Boruto:Looks like a catfish and can only shock an enemy

  2. Sasuke Kirin reminds me of solar beam from Pokémon cause sasuke has to throw the fire balls into the sky and wait a moment before he can use Kirin

  3. I would really love to see Sasuke used it before. I am 100% Sure that Boruto or Sarada or anyone will learn "Kirin" from Sasuke, but in Naruto Shippuden I would like to make Sasuke to actually kill one of his opponents with this Jutsu. Like when Sasuke fought with Deidara… if he used Kirin right there and kill him, it would have been fantastic!


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