Samsung HW-J250 soundbar Review


review of the Samsing HW-J250 sounbar

If you in the 40+ crowd and find yourself turning on Closed captioning to understand
what the heck they are saying on Downton Abbey or the walking dead…

It may not be that your just losing your hearing…. It may be that your speakers are not
good or have not aged well..


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  1. Its 2018, so I caught this late, but I wished you have have showed more of the sound, played more of the sound because what you did show does not give me enough info to want to buy this or compare it with other S.B's; no pun:} This model is still selling but from your very talky review I learned 20% about the product! Sorry to much Self Talk!

  2. This is NOT a review this is a walk through…this video isn't telling me anything about the sound quality!!!!

  3. Geez, 40 is a bit young to be losing your hearing. I'm 47 soon and my hearing is A1.
    I just bought this and luckily, the remote takes AAA.

  4. Just bought this works and sounds good, but what does the “woofer level” button actually do? I thought this has a subwoofer built in.

  5. What happens if you change the TV input to a Bluray connected via HDMI? Will the TV transmit the digital audio coming from the Bluray to the soundbar? After all, HDMI may not allow the TV to send the audio signal to the soundbar from the Bluray.

  6. Those small batteries have been used in Europe for many years, and generally last a VERY long time. I much prefer these compared to the standard batteries we use here in the USA.

  7. Your review is very helpful. And… The sound bar attachment on the back of your TV is great initiative too. Thanks.

  8. I'm getting this as the woofer is built-in so there's no clumsy-looking woofer box that comes with those 2.1ch models, and you gave a good review.

  9. Brilliant help thanks – I was struggling for days trying to find out how to use my Samsung Smart TV with a Samsung Soundbar!

  10. Great video! I've just ordered this soundbar and was wondering if I could somehow fix it to the top of the TV as the stand on my TV at the bottom protrudes outwards leaving not much space for the soundbar. I'll be taking a trip to the hardware store too. Thanks

  11. Great video! Love thediting. What program did you use to film this? I have a channel also but cant figure out a way to put something like my phone on the screen like you did. Any help you could give me I would appreciate!

  12. Can this be used in addition to the sound on my tv? I purchased it for more of a bass solution in additional to the sound on my tv.. like a surround sound..

  13. Yes. I managed to give away my 250 pound 36 inch Sony Trinitron to a couple in need in a nearby town. It only took us an hour to get it out of the house. So this LG looks fantastic to me. The first device I've had that uses an HDMI cable.

  14. I bought one of these, the cheapest sound bar I could get, with a 43 inch LG ultra HD 4K television, my first new television in 15 years. The sound bar works terrifically, and I love that I can play all of the music that I have on my iPhone through the Bluetooth connection on the sound bar. It's the only speaker system I have in my house other than on my computer, which is rooms away. Thanks very much for the video.

  15. thanks for the video. i have just bought one of these but i cant get it turn off. ill turn my tv off and soundbar stays on using power or i press the power key on the soundbar and it turns it on to standby which also uses power. how do i get it to turn completely off without unplugging it from the socket? thanks.

  16. Great review. I have the same soundbar, but can't figure out how to adjust the woofer level, do you know anything about that ?


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