S7 LoL Coaching #19 – Zed Mid vs. Ryze (Silver 1)


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  1. Wait this guy has no say in coaching a zed, you know the game but your knowlege of zed is bad you should of took a stance on simple laning he fked up on like trading when they want to last hit, lane management, and other simple shit that is good for someone in silver. For example, even if he hit his weq on level 3 he didn't have the dmg with a level 1 q. He could all in with level 4 and has to take the shadow after both qs and the e hits so that you dont get exhausted dmg , at most 1 aa gets exhausted, then ignite. Pretty damn simple for anyone who knows anything about zed. You should make your coaching specific to champs aswell as you are oblivious to some simple mechanics and champs damages as the game progresses

  2. When I first seen this guy I thought he was a complete fucking nerd but now im not so sure that he is. Can anyone help?

  3. At the 12 min mark when yall were discussing the kill. He fucked up because he did this one glitch trick. He Wd right before he ultied so he lost his w. I think this got fixed but he could have just WEQWd for kill. Or if hes not as confident in hitting that double q, simply just R E AA, W, Q, R

  4. at 10 minutes. that trade wasn't necessary… w e q ignite and ryze dies. ult was only necessary as a means to dodge a ryze q

  5. Would you ever look at a terrible Bronze game to tell me some of the things that are done well? Haha. The flamers in game dont help much.

  6. Neace, could you please put your channel annotation somewhere else on the video? Especially on mobile (where you can't remove these things) it hides the mini-map.

    Thank you!

  7. That Shaco was beyond fed XD lol Funny thing is though is that if Shaco had been on his team, he would have been garbage.

  8. I srsly want a lux advance coaching. I am maining her and I need to know some advanced moves for this champion.

  9. the tresh is the fuking Clown at the beginning lol. what was he w8ing for? eve stands next to malz. then he flash hooks the voidling and blows you into the shaco Box..cant believe what i just saw lmao MVP Tresh

  10. The Shaco was doing what this Zed should have been doing: doing his job as an assassin and keeping the enemy team dead as often as possible. The Shaco killed people constantly all game and it made his team unable to push at all. If he did that he might've changed this game around.

  11. I'm kinda new to the game. (I joined after midseason 6). If anyone could duo with me and help me climb to gold while teaching me a thing or two would be really helpful. (I'm bronze 1 ATM)


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