Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar Review & Sound Test!


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  1. Your uk wall plugs are fucking ridiculous…..that is all I could focus on after seeing them. I don't care about the sound bar anymore, all I can think of is an apartment full of the dumbest looking god damn outlets I have ever seen and I want to burn your entire country down to get rid of them.

  2. i used this device for more than 2 years, not really suggested it, bass speaker cable is easy to get damage, and it had a auto power off function its really annoying me,
    i finally found the solution recently that they updated the FIRMWARE to disable this, but I bought over 2 years….

    the second part is you cannot custom your bass volume….
    I also feel, its no wireless controller control your speaker is not quite Convenience
    , the buttom is hard to see for me, because its not facing on you. i need to move my speaker every time when i need to tune my speaker settings

    for the sound? so far so good, not bad maybe? i am an audio idiot. but for me. i feel good

  3. I have one sadly. They are shit and the bluetooth is cheap af and burns out in a year… like most Razer products.

  4. 5.1 surround sound with all the speakers in front of you. How the heck does that even qualify as being "surround" sound.

  5. Ok as much as i want to recommend these i must say i HATE the fact that they keep turning off every 20 min. There is no way to disable it and Razor dont give a crap about the customers requesting an update. So unless you want to press the on button 20 times a day i say get yourself something else.

  6. Can u connect this to a pc and tv the same time? Like do I need to keep unplugging the cable f I wanna switch to pc to tv?

  7. I can't figure out how to turn up my sub. When I first bought it the sub was pretty loud, but then not even an hour later it was super quiet and I can't turn it back up. I tried holding down the dolby button and turning it up like your suppose to be able to do, but that's not working at all, it's just turning up my volume on the sound bar. I've been able to turn up the bass only a few times, but it lasted like 5 seconds and then went back to super quiet again. idk what I should do at this point other than send it back. Anyone have any idea's so I don't have to send it back and wait for another. Idk if it's broken or if I'm doing something wrong.

  8. Could I buy this kit, and then buy two razer leviathan minis for surround sound? Like a triple monitor setup but a triple speaker surround sound, thing

  9. This is a tough sell. Comparable soundbars from Samsung, JBL, Vizio Sony etc are better sounding, with wireless subwoofer, 5.1, comes with remote, has often 2 HDMI, AUX and Optical inputs, etc.


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