Pokemon Revolution Online Guide – #1 Viridian Forest Maze & Gym Leader Brock


I’ve been playing Pro for a while now and realised that there weren’t (m)any guides on youtube, really.. so I thought I’d set about making one!

There are always people asking about the Viridian Maze or how to get the key in the Fire Mansion etc.. I’ll also be going through the unique quest-lines that the Pro developers have created too.

Pokemon Revolution Online Guide Playlist:

Hello prospective trainer, and welcome to PRO (Pokémon Revolution Online)!

An up-and-coming Pokémon MMO that is currently in its closed-playtesting phase, PRO is a free-to-play, fan-made, massively multiplayer online game that is predicated around the official Pokémon games.

The goal of PRO is to overlap a balance between the features of the main-series Pokémon games, and translating it well to an MMO environment; it strives to maintain the beloved features of the handheld games, while also making changes that are needed to acclimate to the continuity and player-interaction balance that is only healthy for an MMO environment.


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  1. man ı know ıts little bit late but fınall ı found my guide ım from turkey and ı got crazy ın thıs maze and trıed to use maps on ınternet ı couldnt fınd the way then ı watched videos and they were spanis etc fınally ı found. ı cant dıscrıbe what ım feeling rıght know but ı just want to say thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much for the tree maze extractions because I totally got lost in there and you help me find the missing Pokémon so I thank you!!!!! I got horsea

  3. You forgot mention this, if you chose pikachu at the start you get the Ash hat when you meet him in the forest. Sorry my bad english. Good guide bro.

  4. Teaches you how to get hidden Pokemon. Doesn't tell you how to escape cave!! 😡😡😡😡. AAANNNDD the FREAKING POKEMON I got was a BELLSPROUT!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  5. what happens if you lose against jackson at the first time in school? because i can not seem to find a way out after i lost… cant go to forest and cant get into to school to fight him again

  6. Why did the the creator made a pitch black maze without giving us
    Flash before hand??? And not only that, but is long as hell… Like Wtf man! After about 30 minutes of doing nothing but running in pitch blackness, I really hope i see light on the other side…

  7. Why is your light "bubble" or radius much larger than mine in-game in the Viridian Maze? Fuck me nevermind I should of read comments first. XD

  8. Oh no I forgot to buy a escape rope and I'm stuck trying to find a way to get out of the maze what I can do help


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