Pikachu 'Agility & Speed' Bodyweight Cardio Workout | 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 | Pokémon Themed


We’re starting this workout series speedy! We’re only working with our bodyweight today and getting some crazy awesome cardio in. Get ready to start our adventure to strong and healthy with some good ‘ol First Generation nostalgia!

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Equipment Used:

35 seconds on /10 seconds rest


1) 4 Hook Skaters + 5 Sec Fast Feet
2) 4 Switch Feet + Side Jump
3) 10 Mtn Climbers + Plyo Push-Up Side Jump
4) Karaoke in Circle
5) 3 Bounds + Run back
6) Side Roll + Plank In/Out
7) In/Out Fast Feet
8) Surfboards
9) 3 Side Hops + Burpee
10) Side Shuffle Tuck
11) Knee Up + to Side + 5 Sec fast feet (L)
12) High Knees Shuttle
13) Knee Up + to Side + 5 Sec fast feet (R)
14) 3 Small Hops Forward + Squat Touchdown back
15) Jumping Jack Forward/Back Press Ups
16) 180 Squat Touchdown
17) Single Leg Squat Jump (L) –Stands on Tail
18) D pad Single Leg Hops (L)
19) Single Leg Squat Jump (R) –Stands on Tail
20) D pad Single Leg Hops (R)
21) 8 High Knees + Skater
22) Chest to Floor Burpee + Squat Jump Forward
23) DB Figure 8
24) Frog Hops

Tabata – change timer 50/10
25) Switch Lunges in Circle
26) Mogels
27) Switch Kicks
28) Burpees


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  1. Awesome workout! <3 I'm dripping sweat (exp) Now that I've learned the speed moves, all I need to do is get a Thunderstone and evolve myself into a Raichu (my favorite pokemon) I don't want to end up like Lt Surge's Raichu and be all power and no speed. 😉

  2. Cheers to the start of my 4th Kat 30-Day challenge! Day 1 done & I got my butt properly kicked by Kat/Pikachu!

  3. I finished the "30 Day Lean Muscle Challenge" yesterday. I loved it! And I've started this one right away. Great short workout. I look forward to the whole series. Thank you!

  4. This is the cutest workout ever. That and I was finally able to get down and try burpees! I did it! Before I have struggled andl felt like I don't have the strength to pull myself back up. But huzzah!

  5. You are going to go viral sooner or later! I love your workouts, you have a fantastic personality, and giving your workouts a theme, with new things to look at was an awesome idea. Don't stop making videos!!

  6. This workout was the best to do at the gym! Love it! Kicked my butt and it was great to have Pokemon themed workouts can't wait for day 2

  7. Kat I'm loving this workout even though I don't know much about Pokemon! Its cute how you always get all decked out for each workout! Maybe one day I'll get dressed up lol.

  8. omg 30 seconds sneak up on you  this was insane but good and u need to do this more often i can use some practice in the speed and agility department.

  9. Your videos are awesome Kat! Such a creative way to take on a workout ahaha 😀 I really enjoy seeing how passionate you are about what you do! Keep it up and you earned yourself a new subscriber!! Liked

  10. Your totally gorgeous. Very creative. Congrats on the video. Its great intro…
    Kat. Your a natural. Cheers, Kate 🙂

  11. A completely new level of craziness :)) Love the moves, bodyweight cardio never disappoints. And shorter intervals = more brutal workout, am I right? :))

  12. Loved this!! These are my favorite workouts! Loved the last one you did too! I was cursing your name during the duck walks lol but loving at at the same time 🙂


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