Naruto Shippuden OST I – Shippuden


Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack I
Composed by: Yasuharu Takanashi
Track: 1
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  1. This song makes a couch potato like me wanting to run and do physical activities.There was supposed to be a Naruto Run event this April but due to corona virus, it was cancelled.

  2. Team 7 reunion so satisfying (sakura’s forced monologue kinda ruined it from being god tier moment in anime history)

  3. Episode 1: naruto meeting sasuke after 2 years

    Episode 365: sasuke + reanimated hokage arriving on the battlefield to aid naruto and the others

  4. 1:06 eargasm ❤ this asian flute sound in the combination with the violines… is making my soul fly 😍 thanks Yasuharu Takanashi… and thanks Naruto! Datebbayoo!

  5. Naruto and Sasuke : 99,9% of power

    sakura's coming Naruto , Sasuke and sakura : 100% of power .

    Sakura : team7 is back !

    Sasuke and Naruto : what the hell ? You are here? Oh sorry we didn't see you

  6. I dont care what you say! I WILL find a way to bring Sasuke back no matter what!! I will never give up! Ever!


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