Manifesting Beliefs and Assumptions Everyone is You Pushed Out Amanda and Jasmine Collab (PART 2)


Special Guest Speaker, Amanda, From Create Your Future is Collaborating With Jasmine on Advanced Manifesting Made Easy. In This Video, We Cover The Real Tea on Blocks and ONE BELIEF THAT YOU CAN ADOPT TO BECOME A MASTER MANIFESTOR IN NO TIME, FLAT! Jasmine and Amanda Are Discussing Some Common Threads Among The Best Manifestors They Know and What They Know That Makes All The Difference. Anyone Can Manifest Fast and Easy Because Everyone and Everything is Just YOU PUSHED OUT!!
This Video Includes:
* One Belief all The Best Manifestors Have in Common!
* Everyone is You Pushed Out
* How To Change Your Belief
* How To Persist When he Outside Circumstance Does Not Appear To Be Shifting
* How Amanda Manifested Her Specific Person To Move in With Her! (even when he said he didn’t want to!)
* Examples and Personal Manifesting Success Stories
* Examples of Affirmations
* FOCUS When it Comes To Law of Attraction and Manifesting
* Being The Dominant Manifestor and Pushing Through
* Amanda Tals About Her Daily Routine To Keep Her Feeling Like A Masterful God Creator
* Mental Diet and Vibrational Preparation
* What To Do When You Feel Worry
* How To Be A More Confident Manifestor

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Manifesting A Specific Person is The Easiest Thing You Have Ever Done. LEARN HOW TO MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON EFFORTLESSLY Using Law of Attraction!



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  1. whats helping me is learning to no react and when i do, to try and minimize my reaction time . and start back on my intentions , and this shifts my mood.

  2. i agree with everything, but i wouldnt say i am god, there is a greater power out there that is not us, yes we do have the essence of god, but we are not god. God cant be sick god cant do mistakes…. i just feel like saying that we are god is very egoistic and feeling tooo superior, where in the end no matter what we have to surrender in order things to manifest, and we surrender it to god/universe . i prefer how Jasmine would say that " we are the god of our reality" or "creator of our reality", which gives the kick to be more confident, because we are the only "movie star" in our life..

  3. GUYS, I HAVE A SUCCESS TESTIMONY IN THE MIDST OF MY PROCESS TO MY HAPPY SP ENDING TO SHARE!!! Remember, EVERYTHING IS EVIDENCE WHEN IT'S COMING! So today at 7:55pm out of NOWHERE, after not having written me for weeks, my SP pops up with the words "I'm sorry" !!! No preface. Do you realize that you don't just pop up with an apology like that without first having thought of me over and over again?! Mind you, he sees me every day on my social networks but today specifically he felt compelled to say it!!! Why? Well, let me tell you what I did today specifically. First of all, I have intended for him to apologize to me: little segments! (I also intended for him to confess his feelings of love for me, and you better believe that's coming!) Secondly, I said, I intend to receive my final result instantly AND a sign, so I got my sign that it's nearly here! I was so shocked I was like, is this message meant for me?? So then, I was like, what are you apologizing for? and he comes out with "I disappeared" and says that he is still in love with someone . I laughed out loud to myself, thinking, "Yeah, bro, WITH ME!" not in my reality baby, you don't know it yet and you don't need to know cause I KNOW IT FOR YOU!! So I just calmly responded, "When you get over it, here is my phone number" and he hearted every single one of my messages like he used to before! You better believe he does, cause I intended that too. And he responded that he will! Oh he sure will, but a lot sooner than he thinks! I asked him out of pure curiosity what made him want to write to me today, and he said some nonsensical poetic stuff haha cause of course I know why! ALIGNMENT baby! Assurance! Persistence! And today I specifically concentrated on my state intention: I kept saying I am the kind of person who is incapable of feeling stress, who resonates tranquility and peace, and who is so abundant in love. In this video Amanda says her SP told her 7 times out of nowhere he won't move in with her, then, BAM! He moved in! THANK YOU, Jasmine, you're a goddess. Watch me manifest the shit out of this divine reality!

  4. That is so true! Today I was doing Uber and I got a really long 46 minute ride and I knew that was going to be a lot of money but for1 second I had a thought I hope she doesn't cancel. Guess what happened? within maybe 30 seconds it canceled. Guess what I did? I didn't beat myself up over it. But I knew instantly that that was my thought that created that, that manifested that.

  5. So if I understand correctly, Amanda’s main method of manifesting is just to continually say “I intend for…?”

  6. If people want proof of how powerful the imagination is- I recommend Neville’s ladder exercise. I’m a single female, living in an apartment, work as a teacher- basically no ladder in my life, however the ladder experience worked twice! Ps: don’t collab with Joseph, definitely do one with Amy though! And maybe Agnes

  7. Hi Jasmine!!! Thanks for this video!!!
    I have been in 100% faith that the universe will conform to my beliefs and intentions, and I have seen many manifestations coming into my reality from it so quickly. ((Manifesting my person into a NEW relationship with me))
    Then, I watched another video from your other Chanel, and you were advising to completely let go and walk away, and that only then could the NEW version of them come back to me.

    I can see the logic and I can feel connection with both of those.

    How do I know to PERSIST IN MY ASSUMPTIONS,,,,,, or to LET GONAND DETACH?!?

    Thank you!!!✨✨✨✨✨💖💖💖

    I wanted to clear an exam to get a job. I had been positive and prepared that I was going to clear it and get that job. My exam went well too. But I still didn't pass when the results declared. I am unable to analyse where did I go wrong!? Now I have taken a similar exam and really intend to clear this one to get the job. What should I do to manifest this job??

  9. Hi Jasmine. So I kind of got a half manifestation yesterday – where it's getting closer to what I want but still not what I want. I tried to stay calm and in my head think circumstances don't matter and thank you but it's not quite what I want and reaffirmed what I do want. Does a half manifestation mean I am doing something wrong? Thank you for all you do. Apologies if you've already answered a similar question

  10. I need help! I felt so good this past month after focusing on myself and changing my story about my sp and feeling good about him. We didn’t contact each other after the breakup. I needed to have contact with him because I got a car at his dealership. I didn’t think I would feel this way but today I feel sad and not like I felt this month. Can someone tell me why is that?

  11. This is off topic, but JASMINE!! You make me realize how easy and effortless manifesting is!! Okay so hear me out: My sp was at work today. Just twohour ago I was thinking "I intend my SP to call me when she finishes working 🙂 I know she is thinking about me all of time and wants to be with me. She loves me, she is unconditionally, truly, deeply and madly in love with me." About one hour ago, guess what happend? SHE CALLED ME! It was a conversation for 5 minutes before she got home (she lives with her parents). BUT IT'S SOOO FUNNY XD Ever since I've found your channel I've let go of the neediness and the circumstances, everything is falling into place! Just wanted to share this little manifestation with my SP. X

  12. WOW 😯😇, YOU, changed the name of the channel. NICE 👌🏼, your content is MUCH MORE 💯 than about SP's.

  13. This second part is even better than the first part. Much more practical and to the point. Great colaboration.


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