Manifesting Beliefs and Assumptions Everyone is You Pushed Out Amanda and Jasmine Collab (PART 2)

Special Guest Speaker, Amanda, From Create Your Future is Collaborating With Jasmine on Advanced Manifesting Made Easy. In This Video, We Cover The Real Tea on Blocks and ONE BELIEF THAT YOU CAN ADOPT TO BECOME A MASTER MANIFESTOR IN NO TIME, FLAT! Jasmine and Amanda Are Discussing Some Common Threads Among The Best Manifestors They Know and What They Know That Makes All The Difference. Anyone Can Manifest Fast and Easy Because Everyone and Everything is Just YOU PUSHED OUT!!
This Video Includes:
* One Belief all The Best Manifestors Have in Common!
* Everyone is You Pushed Out
* How To Change Your Belief
* How To Persist When he Outside Circumstance Does Not Appear To Be Shifting
* How Amanda Manifested Her Specific Person To Move in With Her! (even when he said he didn’t want to!)
* Examples and Personal Manifesting Success Stories
* Examples of Affirmations
* FOCUS When it Comes To Law of Attraction and Manifesting
* Being The Dominant Manifestor and Pushing Through
* Amanda Tals About Her Daily Routine To Keep Her Feeling Like A Masterful God Creator
* Mental Diet and Vibrational Preparation
* What To Do When You Feel Worry
* How To Be A More Confident Manifestor

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Manifesting A Specific Person is The Easiest Thing You Have Ever Done. LEARN HOW TO MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON EFFORTLESSLY Using Law of Attraction!



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