[LIVE HD] COVID-19: PM Lee announces 4-week extension of Singapore circuit breaker to Jun 1


Singapore will extend its circuit breaker measures by 4 weeks to Jun 1, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced in an address to the nation on Tuesday (Apr 21). Mr Lee said that the aim is to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases in the community “decisively”. Read his full speech:

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  1. Steady President !!! I'm from Singapore but work at Australia Perth… So sad my family at Singapore… BTW thx the President… Kami disini bekerja pun dah susah…mahu bayar rumah kereta.. Kawan kami ada yg dah married org rumah ada sini lg, pening² mahu cari Duit … Lockdown… DOA kan baik² kami disini perantauan… 😓😓

  2. I feel very sad that they never foresaw this happening.

    The dorm got so many people sleeping together in one room.
    Anyone with a brain could have foresaw this happening if someone in the dorm got affected.
    IF they have separate them earlier on and put up solid measure this couldn't had happened.

  3. Heng Swee Keat said that he was not wearing a mask because otherwise people can't hear him. In other words, no one could hear Carrie Lam in the last few months. How does HSK know that he is not asymptomatic Covid-19 positive and spreading the virus? He is basically telling Singaporeans, you don't have to wear masks if you have a plausible excuse. What a bad example…. And, oh no, he is supposed to be the next PM .

  4. Landlord wants to move me out before June 1. Must not care if I get infected or can't find a place because the agents and movers are on lockdown too. Some really unethical people in the world these days …

  5. Is it true that they add fluoride in all Singapore water?
    It makes people docile and timid.
    Maybe that’s the reason people are so obedient.

  6. Dear All Human Beings,

    We are called humans not because of our physical appearance, but because of insight that we have. Only human being can think deeply and act wisely. So, the virus is spreading very fast and therefore this is high time for us to think deeply and act wisely. In fact, the virus or death doesn't care which religion, nationality, race and political party we belong to. The virus and death only care about whether we are living being or not. Since it is so, at least now, we must stop discrimination according to our own religion, political party, race or nationality. Just we must stand up as a wise Human being without discrimination to fight against the virus. By now, our main priority must be to stop spreading and transmission of the virus. However, we can see still people look forward and go out to eat McDonald, KFC, Pizza hut and Starbucks. If we do so, it is better to get ready for our funeral. This is not time for having fun or pleasing our tongue. This is not time for us to live to eat, but eat to live. So, just we need to be satisfied with what we have. There may be only one meal per day, but still we can survive by eating something. If we can't tolerate and be patient with it, we will have to suffer a lot and even leave everything. To overcome the current epidemic, we must let our conceit and egoistic ideas go and we must have a good listening skill. It is clear that we are not experts in medical treatments. That is why we must obey and follow the instructions of the doctors' and healthcare staffs. No matter how much power, money and material things we have, no one can use or no way to use those things at the moment. So, let's be united as humans and let's do our part properly. Let's fulfill our own duties and responsibilities towards the society and let's try our best to help our own government, army forces and healthcare staffs to stop the virus and to see a peaceful future.

    May each and everyone be wise and have insight to act as humans without any discrimination and without any egoistic and selfish thought. May the humanity arise against the virus and may the whole world be free from the virus, its cause, its danger, its fear, its worry and its suffering. May all each and everyone and every being be protected by the Blessings of all kind hearted people's Loving-kindness and Compassionate thoughts….!

  7. Hydrochloroquine is the cure for covid 19 plus zinc and vitamin a , c, d lord 144000 archangel thomas💖💕❤💓💗bill gate is a illuminati 13 bloodline be careful of him. Lord is soon to come.

  8. Hydrochloroquine is the cure for covid 19 plus zinc and vitamin a , c, d lord 144000 archangel thomas💖💕❤💓💗bill gate is a illuminati 13 bloodline be careful of him. Lord is soon to come.

  9. Permenemt ltvp+ for singaporean foregin wife with child after ltvp+ for 2 year. Still government have no heart to give pr and citizenship to low income. After +ltvp+ should be citizen not pr. They can choose to go for citizenship after 2 year or contiune with ltvp+. Save all the trouble. Reduce document like income for our citizen. Sometime they lose job for 1 year or more. Then their wife cannot stay in singapore cause ica alway look at income. Once they have child, make it as easy as possible for all this family.

  10. Thank you Mr. PM Lee and your team for working hard to lead us through for fighting against this Convid19 pandemic..
    As much as the extension of the Circuit Breaker will affect the economy and the convenience of the public, it is necessary for the long term.
    This is the time when all of us staying in Singapore to be responsible and help one another..
    Everyone stay strong, stay healthy, stay at home!

  11. Conduct massive CoVid-19 tests for all (migrant workers and residents), and thereafter treat/isolate all the asymptomatic personnel.

  12. We are fighting an invisible enemy and it’s akin to war. I hope everyone Treat this like war times please and stay home. Nobody needs to be told to stay home or fined during war times.

  13. Sir since you mentioned dorm why the director of the dorm never come out to make an apology? Why the law never take action on them? They failed to put immediate safety measures during covid19 breakout. The director are very irresponsibility you should sue them until their pant drop. If you don't mentioned the dorm I won't bring out to your attention. Hee…

  14. Once thing need to highlight , Present Hairdressing must closed for more then a month will reopen on 1 June.. If the person hair is long then go where to cut hair…

  15. My message as a Malaysian to my Singaporean friends is that this pandemic surely will pass . So , with that in mind , enduring all that you 're u dergoing prese tly will be easier. Here , in Malaysia , the strict measures adopted seem to be paying off , humbly speaki g. Lately , infections have dropped very sig ifica tly ,with Selangor recordi g zero case on one particular day. The light at the e nd of the tunnel seems to be drawing closer. And I am sure Singapore will see that light too ,soon , God willing . Cheers .

  16. The migrant workers live in terrible condition for the past several decades in Singapore, where they provided their hard work. They must be taken care at this time and this message sounds very promising for all.


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