Homefront 1 | Full Gameplay/Playthrough | No Commentary [PC HD 60FPS]


Hey everybody, this is my full playthrough for Homefront 1, running on the PC. This is the full single player campaign with no added commentary.

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This is my own edited playthrough to streamline everything as much as possible, removing any deaths, loading times, my own play style, etc. I place value on the high quality of my videos as I use one of the best capture cards on the market.

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  1. This is what going to happen if STUPID ASS TRUMP GETS ELECTED 🤫🤭🤑😬🙄🤥🤒🤕😵🤯😱😱😱😱😭🤬🤬🤬😠

  2. what I like about this game is that they put real world businesses in there like Lumber Liquidators or Hooters places like that

  3. In fact, The Koreans sound very much like German Nazis the way they speak and yell in their language.

    Even when they groan in their deaths.

    Not only that, But they pretty much act like German Nazis. 👿

    Like they're the Fascist Reich. 🔥🔥🔥

    Very disgusting! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I really wished THQ didn't shut down. I loved a lot of their games and having the Homefront online servers shut down was saddening. I really loved the online play and would easily still play it today.

  5. I miss playing this game and the sequel. Wish I still had it. WOLVERINES! Sorry…as a Colorado native, I had to do it.

  6. Anyone else think the shooting of that kid’s parents at 5:40 was justified? The superior North Korean forces made it very clear that they didn’t want anybody to talk, yet those two idiot parents kept talking to the child, telling him to “look away” etc, thus rightfully prompting the glorious North Korean troops to open fire on them. They should have just kept their mouths shut and obeyed the superior North Korean troops’ instructions, no wonder they got shot. Who cares whether that kid now has to grow up an orphan spending the rest of his life in unimaginable psychological turmoil, he’s probably dead now anyway, obeying the Great Leader, Juche and the infallible North Korean system always takes priority.

  7. Dream scenario, America and large amounts of Asia occupied by the peace and prosperity of the glorious North Korean regime. Wish this would happen in real life.

  8. I like that this game wasn't a purely propaganda piece because of when it came out. It had you fighting against other Americans, it paid attention to world events outside of America, the "captain", Connor, wasn't a mary sue, the people on your team weren't all white with one of them being Korean (South Korean I'm assuming). It had just the right amount of realism and critical writing to be a good game.

  9. In reality, facing invasion in this manner, the United States would – without any doubt whatsoever – have immediately used its immense nuclear arsenal against the Koreans. I find it hard to believe that America went down so easily, especially given their potential to unleash Armageddon upon any aggressor.

  10. Anyone else jizz hard at 5:51 like I did?Fuck that kid, glad he grew up an orphan in the name of the superior North Korean regime! Hope he learnt the error of his ways and devoted his life to Juche!!! 🇰🇵 🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵

  11. The US military is better…what kind of game is this? North Korea occupying the US? It should be the oppositee

  12. North korea has never been a superpower they just waste money on weapon so the people are poor af

  13. Tôi cần mọi người rúp và sử lý chệt để kẻ giả mạo và đổ oan cho tôi và những dỳ đã được và đã cấp ghi chong sánh tôi đều yêu cầu ghi lại dồi không thiếu thông tin nào chỷ huy yêu cầu làm và sử lý Tuấn lư lại đăng tuấn vị thần sức mạnh ghim cho tôi tất cả giả mạo tu gồ sử thực thi và anh sên sử bản quyền

  14. Originally they wanted to use China as the enemy, but China seems to have so much power over US society already that the producers were forced to replace it by North Korea. China owns a vast amount of US bonds.


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