DAYS GONE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME – No Commentary (#DaysGone Full Game Walkthrough)


DAYS GONE Walkthrough Part 1 This is DAYS GONE Gameplay Walkthrough that covers the DAYS GONE Full Game with No Commentary and will Include All Cutscenes, Main Story Missions, All Endings and relevant gameplay in a No Commentary format recorded on Playstation 4.

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Free review copy provided by Playstation.

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  1. Please can I use this video as aa reaction video in my channel. I will give you the credits in description as well as in the video. Please

  2. I'm not a regular on this channel, but this guy can't play worth crap! What kinda strategy is rushing into an area full of enemies especially when there's a sniper's laser whizzing around the screen!?? If this were real, the dude would have gotten himself shot and died in two seconds flat, let alone survive for 16+ hours! Also, this guy can't read worth crap either! Especially frustrating when the objective is displayed on the top left corner in all caps no less, AND he's got the subtitles on! But alas, it's his play style, I suppose. Frustrating to watch, nonetheless…

  3. Sarah is alive
    Iron mike’s going to be dead
    O’brian is already an evolved monster
    Skizzo is a traitor and going to be dead at the end

  4. Bro thank you for making this video if you didn't i would have never caught leachman or what ever his name is because I'm playing the game to it took me like 59 trys and than your over there beeting the game in one attempt.

  5. Manage to finish this video, i hope you can do the 2nd part of this game when it become available. i just saw this game in some recommended games to play on android but too scared to play it.

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