Best Naruto Fighting/Motivational OST || Rise and Fight ||


1.Gold Brocaded Damask 00:03 ➜
2.Flying Light 01:57 ➜
3.Naruto Shippuden Main theme 04:35 ➜
4.The hidden will to fight 07:55 ➜
5.Reverse Situation 09:45 ➜
6.Blind Animal 13:42 ➜
7.Emergence of talents 18:57 ➜
8.Heavy violence 22:24 ➜
9.Beni Soubi(red rose)25:31 ➜
10.My name 27:28 ➜
11.Night Attack 29:42 ➜
12.Rising Dragon 33:02 ➜
13.Lightning speed 35:22 ➜
14.Gehika 37:32 ➜
15.Rinkai 40:52 ➜
16.Akatsuki theme 43:07 ➜
17.Departure to the frontlines 45:03 ➜

18.Chain Explosion 47:10 ➜
19.The raising fighting spirit 53:29 ➜
20.Lee Lotus Theme 55:01 ➜
21.Risking it all 57:04 ➜
22.Shikku 59:18 ➜
23.Kokuten 01:01:12 ➜
24.Amaterasu 01:03:24 ➜
25.Crescent Moon 01:05:10 ➜
26.Hishou 01:07:26 ➜
27.Strong&Strike 01:09:36 ➜
28.Heaven Shaking Event 01:11:41 ➜
29.Kouen/Crimson Flames 01:14:39 ➜
30.Nankou Furaku 01:17:38 ➜


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  1. TrackList
    00:03 Gold Brocaded Damask
    01:57 Flying Light
    04:35 Naruto Shippuden Main theme
    07:55 The hidden will to fight
    09:45 Reverse Situation
    13:42 Blind Animal
    18:57 Emergence of talents
    22:24 Heavy violence
    25:31 Beni Soubi
    27:28 My name
    29:42 Night Attack
    33:02 Rising Dragon
    35:22 Lightning speed
    37:32 Gehika
    40:52 Rinkai
    43:07 Akatsuki theme
    45:03 Departure to the frontlines
    47:10 Chain Explosion
    53:29 The raising fighting spirit
    55:01 Lee Lotus Theme
    57:04 Risking it all
    59:18 Shikku
    01:01:12 Kokuten
    01:03:24 Amaterasu
    01:05:10 Crescent Moon
    01:07:26 Hishou
    01:09:36 Strong&Strike
    01:11:41 Heaven Shaking Event
    01:14:39 Kouen/Crimson Flames
    01:17:38 Nankou Furaku

  2. I am watching Naruto for the 4th time!!! It always makes me feel the same emotions!! Naruto is the best anime ever!!!! 4:35 the best soundtrack of it

  3. 19:07 it looks like shes watching your soul xD ;<;

    Ty so much for this video Andreea, The musics played in Naruto EVERYONE Are Legendary just like were made in Heaven or Hell depends what Song are we Talking by, Naruto changed my life alot not at all for good but im gratefull with Naruto for everyything and for saving me for a probably Depression and by my F*ucking Hellup life wich was consuming m.

    This time and for sure I can say that Naruto saved me fromDEath, thanks Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi,Gaara<3,Temari,Kankuro,10 10, ROCK LEE!, Neji</3, Hinata, Shikamaru, Chogi, Ino, Maito Guy and everyone left (forgot their names), Thanks Masashi Kishioto for creating Naruto's Story and everyting, You are my god too Kishimoto…

  4. The 1st soundtrack sounds just like Fairy Tail, it makes sense since naruto and fairy tail have the same music composer

  5. The tragic part is that Naruto, even with its worst parts, the saddest you get is a handful of deaths from characters that you really got to know and know the backstory of. Back in minatos time as a genin and up to jonin, the world was jsut chaos. Hundreds and thousands of people, even kids, just dying over NOTHING, battlefields full of corpses and no end in sight to why or when its going to end. The fact that someone like minato can even come to exist in a time like that when his village is under attack, with his mind and strategy not making him arrogant. its such a darker more abstract time with how normalized the brutality became. I would like to see a darker show about his life except it would need to be infinitely more Gorey.

  6. The Hidden Will To Fight would’ve been perfect for Black Panther when T’Challa comes back to fight Kill Monger.

  7. I guess you guys will make fun of me because I used as a workout music as if I'm training like a shinobi on Naruto. ┐( ˘_˘)┌


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