$300 11 inch Macbook Air Still Worth it?


The 11″ 2012 Macbook Air on Amazon:

This tiny Macbook air is barely bigger than an iPad Pro if at all. In this video I share my experience with this 11 inch Macbook air from 2012.

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  1. I have an early 2014 MacBook air 11" with an i7 1.7ghzand 8g of ram and 512gb hd

    – I can playback in logic pro x with up to 30ish tracks before it gets too wonky to playback smoothly.

    – Regularly have many chrome windows, with many tabs open, on three separate accounts. I do a lot of spreadsheets and can do them somewhat comfortably with both sheets and chrome in full screen.

    – battery life is up to 6 hours (but usually lasts for 3ish at my preferred brightness) in 2020 – battery at 780 cycles at 85% health.

    motherf*cker still rips.

  2. Fantastic video, mate. I'm looking for a 2015 unit now because it is MUCH cheaper and the OS is more flexible than an iPad Pro with the new Apple Magic Keyboard. I had a 12" MacBook which was gorgeous, but I sold it because I was terrified that the keyboard was going to die on me. Since then, I can't seem to fill that gap properly, even though I am trying to do so with my iPad 6 Gen and a nice Brydge keyboard. The 11" MacBook Air seems to be the best, most reliable candidate to fill that gap. All the best mate.

  3. I hear you!! I think I'm going to get one!! I have a MacBook Pro 2012 that I use as desktop replacement. So I need something small and portable but powerful.

  4. Bought my first MacBook (black) in 07’. Over 10 years later, finally purchased a 13” pro. Usb-c transfer speed are great. Yet, I miss the MagSafe feature.

  5. Best-kept secret: if you can't afford a Mac, buy a clean used one. It is the best computing value out there. The 11 is a beast of a computer – despite the shade thrown in this video. I develop apps, compile code, use CAD software, etc. and it sails through all of it. Fun fact: it is one of the best Windows machines I've used as well, if you do Boot Camp.

  6. I bought a second hand MacBook Air 11" Early 2015 model back in September 2019 and it's honestly perfect for me, it was in amazing condition too. I bought it for college and its a nice size to be able to take with me between classes, and it works so fast considering its 5 years old now. I would 100% recommend this to people looking for a cheap MacBook that is ultra portable!

  7. I will buy one with intel i5 4 GB Ram and 128 GB Storage! This is fantastic! I will buy from eBay! Good Job Sir! 😃

  8. Fantastic review, mate. Looking for a 2015 8GB version of this 11 inch Mac now. Bit hard too find tough…rare as hens' teeth.

  9. i have the 2011 macbook air, its the core i7 model with 4gb of ram, i also run mojave on it and its great to carry to school, at home i have my mac pro where i do all my work on, but this air is great on the road 🙂 good video man really!

  10. The 11inch Air is my favorite laptop ever. I've left Apple as a 'main' system — switched to a powerful Ryzen 7 Windows 10 desktop for content creation — but as a lightweight, capable, and super comfortable "carry around" laptop the 11 inch Air is unbeaten with it's Core i5 cpu and Intel HD graphics.
    Tragic that Apple dropped it. There are no super-compact "full computer" options like the 11 inch Air on the market now (as far as I'm aware?)

  11. Your background music very comfortable, The 11" MacbookAir have amazing size, but now it's difficult to buy 11"MacbookAir in Taiwan.

  12. Nice video. The 2013 i7 11 inch is my main computer since 2013 and I'm a professional developer and still did not upgraded (don't want that new Mac keyboards). It's still rockin

  13. I got the 11 inch MacBook Air 2015 and its great I’ve had no issues and its not slow at all i use photoshop and work on it is great…payed 300

  14. I purchased a MacBook Air mid2013 a few years ago, this machine is still running like brand new.
    I was tempted by the newest MacBook Air, but since I’m raising my teen nephew I can’t plop down $1,000.
    I enjoy having many ports and the fact I’m still getting Mac updates.
    Great talk

  15. I wanna but this because it’s the perfect size for me! I also wanna start a youtube channel. So, I’ll ask my mom since it’s in perfect condition and works fine. Thanks for the review!

  16. Your macbook pro 15'' is heavy ? DUDEEEEE!!!! I carey my asus rog 15'' everyday to my work (walk 60 min two way)…

  17. Noted I really have heard crazy things about MacBooks but seeing and hearing about this I think if I wanna try light weight MacBooks might do this or actually go for the bigger one u presently using

  18. I’m actually picking one up in 2 days, am I able to game on it like play ROBLOX (sorry but I’m not a huge fornite fan)? BE GONE WINDOWS IM OUT


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