2018 Honda CMX 500 Rebel Review


2018 Honda CMX 500 Rebel Review: I’ve not had a lot of experience riding cruiser type motorbikes so when the chance came up for me to ride the latest CMX 500 Rebel from Honda I jumped at the chance. Watch this video to find out how I got on!

Many thanks to HGB motorcycles in Ruislip for making this video possible.

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  1. I've never heard anyone describe the suspension of the rebel as on the hard side. What is your normal bike made out of jelly? Any way great content man. Nice long from ride with really good observations and commentary. I was between a rebel or an mt-03. After this and countless other vids…I think I'll opt for the rebel. It's more my style anyway.

  2. Always a pleasure to listen to your reasonable, sound advice.
    Much like yourself, I am favouring smaller capacity, high output and fun machines,
    I'm spoilt with a 2018 Triumph 765 RS with mods.
    My daily work nag is an SFV 650 with sensible, practical mods, pipe, hand guards,screen, belly pan, and rack with box, stand bobbins etc. So much fun, frugal and different.
    I've laid down a deposit on a 2017 1 owner CMX 500, 5000 miles in north London Triumph, i'm hoping he ( Ray, after previous owners late father) will serve me well as a commuter that I can modify to suit and enjoy.

    My riding career is now some 26 years in vintage, and the smaller bikes with high out- put make me feel young again.

    I am particularily envious of your speed twin.

    Polar opposite to my last decade of biking, but large displacement, small chassis and high quality cycle parts surely equal epic rewards.

    Best regards and hope to meet in fun circumstance, Milly 🙂

  3. You reckon it's a good bike to go for as your first one? I always liked Cruiser, definitely not interested in sports bikes.

  4. Hello!

    I’m 6 foot 2, 190 lbs, Will i be able to ride this bike?
    I am a beginner and i feel like every review i watch about bikes, say that the bikes are for shorter riders.
    What am i supposed to look for?
    I hope i Can fit on this bike, so i would love for someone to answer it hahaha

    Thank you in advance, love your videos!!

  5. Well, the review shows us the roads in some town. Oh, we get to see the mirrors and a part of the gas tank. Thanks for such a great review 🙄

  6. I hope to have saved up enough money to buy the Honda Rebel 500 in January 2020. I have been saving up for the last 18 months.

  7. My wife and I are taking the MSF course in a few weeks and hope to be shopping for our first motorcycle shortly thereafter. The plan is to get an inexpensive used <650cc bike that we could alternate riding on to build up our skills before buying something nicer. Unfortunately, living in Hawaii means very little used inventory and what is available is either overpriced or beat to death. The bike will be primarily be mine for commuting on city streets to work, but the wife will probably take it out on the weekends to run errands or just get a break from me. I've been looking at this bike because of price and the upright riding style. However, I have to admit after watching your review on the Suzuki Burgman 650 and seeing one in the showroom, the Burgman seems like it might be more practical in the long run and less of a learning curve with the auto transmission. Obviously, they are 2 different classes of bikes but what are your thoughts? BTW, I love your reviews.

  8. Hi TMF
    Would you rather have this or a Himalayan and £1500?
    Summer short range commute/occasional coast road blips.

  9. I like this bike. I haven't ridden in years, last bike I had was a 125cc, so I'm thinking about maybe getting one of these. I am tempted to spend a little more and get an XSR900 though.

  10. How comfortable is the seat? Would it be suitable for longer journeys/tours? I assume you could fit panniers/top box?

  11. I think the Honda Rebel 500 will have a good market in Asia and also with girls in the west; i.e. catering for shorter people with the Rebel having a 68cm seat height. I live in Thailand 50% of my time and 500cc is a lrage motorbike (the police only use Honda 300's).

  12. Ide only need a 10 mile fuel capacity take it to my nearest scrap yard and put the pig ugly thing in a car crusher

  13. Ide look back and wish sumone would steel it leave the keys in and guess what come back and it’s still there ide rather ride the mother inlaw

  14. Great review! Informative and entertaining. Considering getting a CMX500, but I'm wondering if there's a better, similar bike that's got a bit more power. Any recommendations?

  15. I spend every single evening dreaming of this bike, anyone got any idea how much this would cost to insure? (For a first big bike, 23 year old guy)

  16. nice looking bike im 6.2 wonder if to small for taller riders ? i like v twin motor the best the tumble they give great vid tar

  17. Would you consider a test review on the new Harley Davidson sportser models. They've revamped the sporty range and would be a lot of interest to many people. As you probably know the HD sportser has a very big following over here in the UK.

  18. Hi man, great review! I'm looking to get one, but was just wondering how you found it while filtering on uk roads? I'll be doing a bit of urban riding with it, and so want something thats fairly ok to cut past traffic with.

  19. sat on one at the Honda dealer today, and it is TINY. I'm 6'2" and I wanted to love the Rebel, but despite its great looks it's just far too uncomfortable for me.. I have to move on, perhaps to the Vulcan S.

  20. Thanks very much, good review. I hope to get one when my finances allow. Haven't had a bike for 30 years, so reckon it would be a good way of getting back. Great to see a British video, they are usually American or Thai. Thanks again and Greetings from Ireland.

  21. A lot better than the Harley. Every time I rode my Sportster there was so much shaking felt like I was having a seizure.

  22. You are right about ABS, I myself ride for pleasure and enjoyment, not to test myself, and in a panic situation, no human being has the ability to perfectly modulate manual breaks, computers do it better while we focus on dodging obstacles.


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