2017 Honda Rebel 500 Review | 4K


Honda Rebel has never been aimed at highly experienced riders, and the same holds true for the latest generation of Rebels arriving at dealerships this month. The new Rebel 300 is motivated by the 286cc single-cylinder from the CB300F and CBR300R, and a review of that manageable $4,399 cruiser will soon be seen on these digital pages. The new Rebel 500 is pretty much identical to the 300 except for the 471cc parallel-Twin engine (from Honda’s CB500 series) residing in the bike’s trellis frame. It retails for $5,999. Adding ABS to each is an extra $300.

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  1. We apologize for the low camera angle on the action camera footage. We will try to prevent it from happening again. We hope you enjoyed the video! We have been trying harder to improve our videos.

  2. This guy is timid and mumbles to much. I guess that's the new mellineal boy these days. I was hoping for a true review not a video of a fuel tank going down the road. How much fuel did it hold. What is the mileage and range. Can I adjust the ride quality by using thicker fork oil. Is that the New frame configuration. Defiantly Not the old school rebel geometry. All I found out was color and You like the bike. 🤦 This girl will just have to visit an actual dealership I guess. 😏

  3. I'm a non rider. Tempted to ride one day but totally against lane splitting. I don't know what my state laws on it are but it looks like an accident waiting to happen. 😩🙈👤💀👣

  4. I like everything but the tank. It looks like half of it is missing. Not cool! Other than that, it’s small for me, and I’m just average in height.

  5. Great video if all you wanted to see on the ride was the red tank. It would be better for me if the camera showed the traffic and road.

  6. I am considering buying a Rebel but I went to a dealer and sat on one and the seat is awful. You may as well be sitting on a piece of wood for all the padding it has. Does anyone out there know if there is a decent seat out there that can replace it? Perhaps Honda will remedy this with their 2020 model since that is what I am planning to get once it is available.

  7. That ugly square digital speedometer on a circle though. I wish they sticked to an analog one if that's the crap they came up with.

  8. Haha bye 1 million left lane loafers. That’s some bad traffic! Looks like freeway at 45mph. Considering a 300 they look so awesome.

  9. 471cc engine, wish it had an upgraded dash with tach and gear indicator, if it had that I'd buy it. that's really the only thing keeping me from buying it 🙁


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